I’m Still Thinking…

Hi, I’m Khadijah. Welcome to my mind, a world inhabited by Thoughts of all shapes and sizes, all floating around, going about their own lives in a world of their own.

On your right, you’ll find Thoughts Obsessed with Nature. They can marvel at the starry night sky for hours on end. A good portion of their day would be spent observing the various hues of the sky from around the globe. They like to be mesmerised by the gifts the universe laid bare, often looking to travel the entire world. So it’s no surprise that they are best friends with Thoughts of Travel and Thoughts of Adventure.

Every once in a while, they host a big get-together for all their friends and family. Come to mention it, you’re JUST in time for one! Here comes Thoughts of Studies, Thoughts of Service to Others, her sister, Thoughts of Self-Development and Character Building, Thoughts That Question Other Thoughts…. Oh, and look over there – I think I see Thoughts of New Experiences and Challenges! Wow… long time, no see! Mind you, he’s a troublesome one, that one. The craziness he gets up to with that cousin of his, New Ideas… Unbelievable, I tell you! They’d give ANY hyperactive kid that’s high on sugar a run for their money.

Yeh… nothing’s ever quiet with New Ideas in town. Let’s just say that he’s got a knack for zooming around the place, disturbing the serenity of an otherwise normal day for your average Thought.

Though, I’ve gotta admit – there’s nothing quite like a gathering of Thoughts. Each interaction is guaranteed to be an interesting one, to say the least. There may be some that you are fond of and some that you’d rather avoid. Perhaps you’ll find yourself agreeing with some Thoughts, whilst you agree to disagree with others. Which is totally and absolutely fine! That’s the great thing with (most of) these Thoughts – they don’t take things too personally. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

Like I said, there’s nothing greater than a gathering of Thoughts. You’ve come here at the right time; now you can meet them all – or at least, as many as you can. Because you see, I’m Still Thinking….




P.S. This blog will be very random, addressing a variety of different topics (well, that’s the plan!). I hope that my posts will inspire, motivate and more importantly, get you thinking! After all, you control the most important tool in success – your mind.
If you have any suggestions on what topics I can address, you’re more than welcome to let me know in the comments.